Gazeeka Model 870 Moisture Gauge


Our flagship Model 870 moisture sensing platform for large square balers, available with numerous options for mounting and tractor cabin integration.

• Isolate potential hot spots as you bale
• Bale without stopping to check moisture levels
• Displays: Instantaneous, Maximum (Peak) and Average moisture.

The most accurate moisture gauge on the market.

If using an 870s with an early model steamer, please also add the 870 steamer extension cable to your order. 870i (ISObus) models do not need this option.

Gazeeka Model 870 Moisture Gauge


  • Isolate potential wet spots as you bale.
  • Bale without stopping to check moisture levels.
  • Displays: Instantaneous, Maximum (Peak) and Average moisture.
  • Spray unit on both sides to mark high moisture bales.

High Performance

Moisture content measured accurately and reliably. Based on total moisture (as oven dried), in cured hay.

Proven Technology

Successfully operated in the cotton industry and in coal and minerals for 25+ years, where the precision is typically 0.3% to 0.5%.
For hay, precision can be expected to be ± 0.5% on cured hay.


Very low energy – high frequency electromagnetic waves are transmitted between two antennae positioned in a non-contact configuration for ease of operation. The measuring “area” is approximately a square foot right through the bale at power levels less than the standards set for mobile phones.


The two antennae are mounted on the baler so as to analyse the hay bale as it exits the baler. The LCD, touch screen moisture display unit, is mounted in the tractor cabin, providing updates every few seconds. The unit also has an audible alarm for high moisture levels.


Calibrated for cured hay. Large square balers only.


Parameter units Value


Moisture range % as received 8 to 25
Repeatability % moisture as received * 0.3
Precision % moisture as received * 0.7
Fodder temperature degrees Celsius 10 to 45 (50-1100F)

* at one standard deviation
* The Model 870 is only calibrated for cured hay. Using this instrument on uncured hay or silage is not recommended.


Protection IP IP55 (NEMA 4)
Humidity % relative humidity 0 to 100 non condensing
Vibration G’s 10 to 100 Hz, 0.5mm 0 to 2.5
Shock G’s 3 times in 3 directions 5
Temperature degrees Celsius 0 to 45 (32-1150F)


6 Watts (500 mA at 12V)
Maximum disconnect voltage Volts 30V (load dumping)
(for 500 milli seconds)

Spray system. 4 Amps each (8A total)
30 seconds max at 12Volts

Physical Connection John Deere part no. RE67013

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