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Moisture Gauges

More bales, less work.

Whether you’re baling stock for feed, straw or cotton, we have a moisture gauge to improve yields and save time.

  • Vomax Model 760 Moisture Gauge
    The Model 760 moisture sensing platform for cotton pickers, available with easy installation and tractor cabin integration.
    • Pick without stopping to check moisture levels
    • Displays: Instantaneous, Maximum (Peak) and Average moisture
    • Pick longer and cover more acres per day, with confidence
    • Green Star compatible.
    Extremely accurate and trusted in the industry for many years.
  • The Model 851B/M moisture sensing platform for cotton gins, available with various mounting options and ability to connect to any PLC via current loop or Modbus TCP.
    • Autonomously collect valuable moisture data
    • Instantaneous, Maximum (Peak) and Average moisture, bale-by-bale.
    Extremely accurate, reliable and trusted in the industry for many years. FOR MORE INFORMATION AND PRICING ENQUIRIES, PLEASE CONTACT RICHARD MILLYARD ON 0428 573 511.

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